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There, Everywhere, For You! This is our slogan, one that reflects our ability to understand the reality of today’s organizations, the challenges they face and the ones they must constantly rise to in today’s super competitive world of business.

G5 Communications provides professional integrated services in communications and public affairs, strategic and promotional consulting, public relations, media relations and crisis management services. To ensure the best possible follow-up and thus promote knowledge and sharing of that knowledge, the G5 Communications consulting firm works closely with top experts for each field of activity. The growth and sustainability of our communications and public relations agency are primarily due to satisfied customers who do not hesitate to recommend our services. Our reputation is second to none: we are There, Everywhere, For You!

Press Conferences 2.0 (special events and announcements, inaugurations, official releases)

In this Web and social networks era, communications methods and tools to get your message across to the media have come a long way and have evolved, especially so since the media has to deal with many demands and inquiries. Given this context, the 2.0 press conference is imperative because it requires and allows a communications strategy integrating both traditional media and those of the digital age.

Media Relations

The project you have in mind may have all it takes to make your organization shine with your target audience; that, however, is no guarantee of any media attention whatsoever. Let’s face it, this is not rocket science: when you have an announcement to make, be it a product and/or a service, you want to stand out in the crowd, you have to brainstorm and put together some original media relations strategies that will allow the media, journalists, reporters, bloggers and influencers to spread the “good news” on the widest possible variety of platforms.

Promotional Activities

Over the years, our agency has built a strong network of collaborators that allows us to organize our promotional activities with proven success. Press conferences, official releases, workshops, events, fundraisers, we do them all. One of our mottos, Reliability, experience, results takes its whole meaning.

Strategic Advice and Counseling

If you want your organization to be in the spotlight, and that’s exactly what you want, you need to get media attention. Why? For that media to transmit the useful information to your targeted audience. A well established and developed communications strategy becomes essential to avoid having everything collapse like a house of cards. After all, we are talking about your organization, all the more reason to put the odds on your side to achieve the desired visibility goals.

Crisis Prevention and Management

No organization has total immunity against a storm that can and will occur at any given time. All it takes is a bad decision, a wrong turn, an involuntary mistake, an investment that has gone sour and not rendered the desired results or just plain bad luck, and everything starts heading down the drain, even to the point of having your reputation in jeopardy. In such cases, G5 Communications is there for you! We will outline, like we have many times before, a proven crisis management strategy to control damages, repair broken pots and restore your organization’s name and credibility. Our team is trained in crisis management and media relations. We’ll help you get out of trouble, as we have done with other companies.

Integrated Communications Plan

The term says it all, the integrated communications plan uses several different communications channels that all work together towards a common goal: to deliver a clear and accurate message to a targeted audience. There is nothing like teamwork to achieve your goals; a well designed communications plan that aims to coherently and effectively integrate all communications channels to send the right message is no exception.

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