Various Documents Writing and Editing

You have brilliant ideas you’d like to share, great news to announce, products and services to unveil to a targeted clientele, special projects that will make you stand out, or simply the desire to increase your organization’s notoriety? We have the appropriate words to help you communicate all of this regardless of the type of document you choose. It all depends on your needs and the task at hand.

Press Releases

A tool frequently used to boast an organization’s merits. However, in this social media age, it is furthermore important to focus on an original and public interest angle to attract the attention of local, regional and national media, not to mention bloggers and influencers who’s numbers and presence on the web are constantly increasing.


It cannot be said enough: in the field of communications, the message is important and so the pamphlet is a good tool to achieve this effective message, hence the importance of providing attractive content and visuals to capture the attention of the targeted audience.

Promotional and Advertising Texts

When well written, these texts and scripts will grab the attention of potential customers, encourage them to read your message carefully and lead them into action and decision taking. Rigorous, appropriate and adapted writing is essential to your text’s success in achieving its goal.

Speeches and Public Addresses

Whether political, corporate, academic, communal, humanitarian or philanthropic, our firm’s team is able to write effective, inspiring and structured speeches and addresses with specific and defined content and, most importantly, with the right words. Our team has thorough and extensive media experience, staff and academic management, labor relations, web and digital specialization, as well as government and political relations.


If you’re planning on holding a press conference, launching a product, conducting a workshop or training session, you probably need to send out an invitation. This must be written with state of the art expertise, in a clear and concise fashion.

Having a great project is one thing, but if you want to get the attention of your targeted audience, it’s important to choose the right communications tools. Get the upper hand by having a professional crew work for you and do it for you; go with odds to ensure success.

We try to go over and beyond expectations for each and every one of our clients, to build a relationship of trust, to be dynamic, creative and proactive. Our goal is to lead organizations in the field of communications, according to their budget and objectives. Document writing and editing of all kinds is one of the ways we do that. The entire satisfaction of our customers guides each of our actions and decisions.

Management’s Discussion & Analysis, Business Reports

The annual management report is an important transparency instrument and often a statutory accountability obligation for certain organizations. It aims to provide relevant and reliable information regarding the performance of public and even private organizations in achieving results and using resources.

A fair and accurate writing and rendition of this report is essential to understanding it. The same goes for the credibility of the reporting organization and its members. G5 Communications is experienced in writing and preparing annual management reports.

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