Strategic Planning, Web Content Management and Social Media

Most organizations nowadays have a website and a good knowledge of social networks available to them, but how many of them have a well-crafted strategy for web content and social media? The goal is clear: a defined and structured strategy will enable you to take advantage of these communications tools and of their benefits.

We live and function in a digital age, and it is imperative to hit the ground running, but then again, you want to be the race leader rather than waste time, energy and money trying to catch up to everyone.

Among the undisputed benefits of social media are visibility and a strong opportunity to make yourself known to as many as possible, the opportunity to stand out from the competition and gaining subscribers. But despite all these benefits, there’s no need to be active on all social networks, hence the importance of choosing the right ones to generate traffic and tangible results for your organization.

G5 Communications is committed to leading organizations in the planning and management of web content and social media, according to their budget and objectives.

Strategic Creation On The Various Available Platforms

Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest are all options to ponder when it comes to setting up a content strategy on the different platforms that are available to us. This strategy is highly important because it will allow you to obtain very good results and the best natural referencing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) possible, without investing huge amounts of money.

Internet and Social Networks Editorial Publishing Calendar

Now that you understand the importance of building on an effective communications strategy in this area, you need to focus on planning and producing the right content, the one that will be displayed on the different platforms that you have chosen. It is here that a valuable tool comes into play: the editorial publishing calendar. To be effective, it must precisely target the social networks where you must be active, the frequency of publications and themes of quality content to gather interest in your targeted audience.

Community Management (Interacting On Different Platforms)

Being active on social networks is one thing, but one must never lose sight of the fact that the objective goes far beyond tallying the highest number of likes. Yes, you do want subscribers, but what you are first and foremost looking for are subscribers engaged on the platform chosen to increase the scope, with statistics to support it. However, a subscriber who asks a question or makes a comment must get answers quickly, hence the importance of having an active presence and effective strategy on social networks.

Relations With Bloggers And Influencers

We hear more and more about bloggers and influencers being active on the web and social networks, and the importance of drawing their attention. However, not all bloggers and influencers are of interest and relevant to your organization. In order to have any influence on the audience you want to attract, it is important to specifically target those who are likely to make a difference. So this is an option that you can ponder and weigh, with the support of our team of experts.

Setting Up A Watch (E-reputation)

How do you know if the communications campaign you set up on the different platforms has had the desired impact? In other words, did your message prompt the media to talk about you, was it liked or, even better, shared on social media? So many questions that can and will get answers through a rigorous and thorough media watch. But the watch’s utility extensifies even further, because it can allow you to see exactly what the reputation of your organization is (e-reputation) hence the importance of having a most favorable image possible with your targeted audience, in your field of activity and expertise.

Marketing Practices Audit (Website, Newsletter, Communications Plan)

Is your website effective or obsolete? Does your newsletter have what it takes to significantly increase your number of subscribers? Has your communications plan lived up to your expectations and objectives? The marketing audit is an interesting tool to use to get the right answers to these questions. In other words, regardless of the project we analyze, the objective is to know what is working well and what is not in order to have as accurate a picture of the situation as possible and a clear overview of what to change to determine a strategy that will prove to be the most effective. G5 Communications can conduct this analysis and evaluate it objectively.

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