Media Relations and Spokesperson Training, Public Speaking

Oral communications is a science that must be comprehended and a set of techniques that must be mastered; never forget that management and communications are inseparable. G5 Communications has developed specific services that aim to make you better communicators, no matter what situation you will face or be in.

If you are a business, government or organizational leader, you and your management people have been hired because of your technical skills, but do you have what it takes to:

  • improve your internal and external communications;
  • set up internal structures to prevent crises;
  • maintain your organization’s reputation of in all circumstances;
  • manage your communications before, during and after the crisis;
  • find the arguments that will enable you to convince the media, the public, customers, users and / or shareholders;
  • speak on behalf of your organization effectively;
  • deal with the media and answer their questions the way YOU want to answer them?

These questions are worthy of consideration if you want to be able to stay at the helm of your organization at any time.

Spokesperson Training

Becoming an effective and credible spokesperson is possible if you use the right communications toolbox. Too many organizations continue to hire their leaders and executives for their technical, business, administrative or political skills regardless of their communications skills. Sooner or later, this will cause them problems, which is why so many crises are poorly managed in terms of communications and so many reputations are tarnished with, sometimes, disastrous consequences.

Executives, directors or spokespersons must be professionally trained through a balanced theoretical and practical communications program. At the end of the day, they will salvage their organization’s reputation in any and all circumstances.

Crisis Communications Management

This topic, previously discussed in point # 1, takes on an added importance here. The reputation of your organization is one of your most valuable assets. Others have not survived the loss of their reputation, assets and, in some cases, their whole business after a major crisis. Their leaders have trampled on or acted blindly in terms of the basic principles of crisis management and strategic communications that this specific situation requires for the safeguarding and maintenance of your reputation. They had neglected several important aspects of sound management:

  • preparation for crisis communication;
  • spokesperson training;
  • preparation and compilation of effective arguments.

A crisis just broke out or is about to hit your organization? You must prevent it, otherwise manage it. You’re too busy with your daily work schedule to assume responsibility for all communications aspects? This is where G5 Communications comes in, whose crisis management counselors have a proven track record. In a crisis management situation, time is against us; an immediate assessment of the situation and game plan are essential. Our team will meet you as soon as possible.

G5 Communications will help you to:

  • organize a crisis communications cell;
  • draw the list of the people involved: who you are dealing with, who does what, who is concerned and affected by the crisis;
  • establish an arrangement in the form of media modus vivendi;
  • compose arguments to deal with all emergencies;
  • choose the spokesperson(s) and train them, or act directly as a spokesperson.

Discretion assured at all times.

Media Communications and Press Relations

This training combines a theoretical and a practice-oriented component in order to help you better understand the media world and the people who work in it, but above all, to master the art of interviewing, to avoid traps and get the right message across. Regardless of your industry or business, all decision makers and communications managers want to draw the attention of reporters to get the best possible media exposure.

There are good tools to deepen your knowledge of local, regional, national and social media. You’ll also learn some foolproof tips to improve the quality of the message intended for your targeted audience.

Public Speaking

One of the biggest fears of humanity is speaking in public, in front of a crowd! Effective public communication is an art that is not a feat in itself, but rather the result of mastering appropriate tools and techniques and, above all, the result of relentless practice. Regardless of the subject being spoken about, the motto is what to say and how to say it effectively.

Several topics are covered in this training, such as pitfalls to avoid, intellectual preparation, goals, rules to convey a message with more charisma, physical presentation, non-verbal language and rehearsals. There are plenty of ways to deal with stress, stage fright, getting a message through, capturing and maintaining an audience’s attention, and building a strong, effective pitch. There is no point in freaking out, you have to start at the right time and follow a specific game plan to make this speech a positive experience for both you and your organization.

As in everything, the more you practice, the better you get. And the better you are, the more pleasant the experience becomes. We will help you get off to a good start and master this science!

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