Types of Companies

G5 Communications aims first and foremost to establish a relationship of trust with its customers. That relationship must be mutually beneficial and the resulting work entirely satisfactory. For these reasons, our strategic communications and public relations firm’s entire team guarantees companies and organizations an excellent and complete service.

The growth and sustainability of our agency are primarily due to satisfied customers who do not hesitate to recommend our services.

Our reputation is therefore already well established.


Private Company

G5 Communications can help a private company stand out in terms of communications. In addition to a very good knowledge of the Lanaudière region and its surrounding areas, our team members have a vast network of contacts within the community. We are very attentive and mindful to our client’s needs and we will take every step to fully understand the issues at stake with regards to the type of business we are dealing with.

In addition, private companies need to look after their image as any good corporate citizen would, to publicly communicate in a constructive and effective manner, both their commitments at the community level and in terms of governance.

Several private companies have chosen to trust us:


Non-Profit Organization (NPO)

As an NPO, your stakes are numerous and management is shared between a board of directors and senior management. G5 Communications can greatly help you take advantage of the best possible communications strategy in your own industry.

In addition to a thorough knowledge of NPOs operations, our communications and public relations firm deals with several customers in this sector of activity. We also offer a very competitive and favourable quality / price ratio of our professional services.

Several NPOs chose to trust us:


Municipal sector

With its many clients in the municipal sector: towns and regional county municipalities (RCM), the members of the G5 Communications team have developed, over the years, a very extensive expertise, both in terms of external and internal communications.

Several cities and RCMs have chosen to trust us:


Sports Organization

Les organisations sportives sont de plus en plus nombreuses et plus que jamais une « stratégie de communication » est nécessaire pour leur permettre de rayonner dans la communauté et faire connaître leurs activités.

G5 Communications is very familiar with issues related to this business sector, both internationally and regionally.

Several sports organizations have chosen to trust G5 Communications:

Cultural Organization

The wonderful world of culture, arts and letters is on the upswing in Quebec society. In addition to occupying an important place in the heart of the community, this sector is a key player in economic development. The activities are numerous and the competition is fierce, hence the importance of focusing on an effective and well orchestrated communications strategy.

G5 Communications has several strings to its bow in this area.

Several cultural organizations have chosen to trust us:



Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects, also known as corporations, are among G5 Communications’ clients. The peculiarity of these corporations is to manage equipment intended for the public service. Therefore, it is important to provide effective communications and public relations tools to publicize the facilities to a large clientele in an effective and profitable manner.

Several corporations have chosen to trust us:


Whether it be educational or the health sector, the institutional sector brings together a large number of companies in Quebec society. The stakes are high and the communications strategy must be effective in reaching the various target groups. G5 Communications is able to provide quality strategic communications and public relations services based on expertise and constant concern for change.

These institutions have chosen to trust us:

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